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Fountain Pumps

Fountains are an attractive water feature for any establishment, golf courses, gardens, historic sites and for commemorative purposes. We at Pumpworks can design, supply and install fountains from jet systems to large waterfalls. Our expert designers and pump engineers provide the full package and understand the importance of coupling design, functionality and customer expectations with real engineering knowledge and expertise.
At pumpworks we are proud to have been part of the design, refurbishment, maintenance and pump system installation of the
Special Olympics fountain.

Fountain Pumps From Pumpworks

Our fountain systems are selected for your requirements and draw on our wide range of pumping solutions. We strive for delivering low maintenance systems which offer reliability, safety and remove the issue of priming pumps.

Key features we offer include:

  • Automatic top up of ponds
  • Dry run & low water level protection for pumps
  • Level probe and solenoid water valve control
  • Inlet filtration units
  • UV Water treatment
  • Auto timer controls
  • Lighting

Mechanical and Electrical installations

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