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Water/Fire Booster Pumps

Water boosters are an integral part of building design for the supply of both clean drinking water and for fire system operation for building services, schools, housing apartment developments, agricultural and rural group schemes. A water booster set-up ensures that you maintain water pressure for the proper function of showers, taps, toilets and fire sprinklers. Such systems are also found in large scale manufacturing plants for pumping non-abrasive clean liquids. At Pumpworks we can design the ideal booster system for your needs and ensure that all components from the close coupled pump, pressure vessels and controls are able to supply your water demand, even at unexpectedly high levels of water usage.


Water/Fire Booster Pumps

Water/Fire Booster Pumps From Pumpworks

These compact pumps are ideal for water booster set-ups across a wide range of applications. These multi stage pumps are protected against running dry due to the suction port being raised above the impeller axis. The multi-stage design aids in boosting the water pressure across each stage.

Pumpworks can supply a single Pump or dual pump booster system for Duty / Standby operation that delivers water pressure for higher demand during peak usage times whilst also maintaining lower running costs.

Pumpworks also supplies and installs water booster pumps for large scale water treatment plants and rural Water booster Stations.

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