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Sewerage Macerator Pumps

Sewerage Macerator pumps are a highly specialised pump type that are ideally suited for pumping stations, town housing, commercial buildings, holiday parks/campsites and treatment/processing plants. Pumpworks delivers only the very best macerator options available on the market. These extremely reliable pumps are renowned for their strong build and robust design, proving extremely effective in even the most adverse conditions.


Sewerage Submersible Pumps

Sewerage Macerator Pumps From Pumpworks

Decades of experience in the market has given our engineers the knowledge and experience to select the right macerator for your needs. Each Fitted with stainless steel shredding mechanism, vortex impeller and spiral wear plate as standard to pump wastewater / effluent discharge under pressure without clogging.

Pumpworks identifies these pumps to be the best solution in high head/lift scenarios such as deep basements or in pumping stations with small rising mains and pipework.
These pumps are also highly effective in low lying areas such as domestic sewerage tanks or for particularly long rising mains.

Mechanical and Electrical installations

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