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Submersible Water Booster /Borehole Pumps

Submersible Water Boosters and Borehole pumps are an integral part of drinking water supply to domestic, commercial and agricultural systems. At Pumpworks we supply submersible water booster pumps that are specially designed for the pumping of water from tanks and reservoirs. Our selection of Borehole pump solutions also allows for the provision of fresh drinking water directly from your well supply.

Choosing a submersible water booster pump or borehole pump from Pumpworks ensures your system has a reliable and consistent supply of water at all times.
At Pumpworks we can design the ideal submersible water booster or borehole system for your needs and ensure that all components from pump, pressure vessels and controls are able to supply your water demand, even at unexpectedly high levels of water usage.


Submersible Water Booster /Borehole Pumps

Submersible Water Booster /Borehole Pumps From Pumpworks

The submersible water booster pumps and borehole pumps supplied by Pumpworks are specially selected for their highly efficient and safe delivery of water.

Our Engineers ensure that all of our supplied pumps are constructed of materials suitable for drinking water and contain only food/medical safe grade oils in the event of seal failures.

For raw water submersible and borehole pumps, suction strainers prevent debris from entering the suction end of the pump causing damage. Pumpworks will also specially fabricate strainers for pumps which are not usually supplied with one, thus giving our customers an even larger range of pumps to choose from.

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