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Sewerage Dry Mounted Pumps

Sewage Dry Mounted pumps are used in pumping station dry wells, housing developments, and treatment plants. At Pumpworks we ensure that your pump will meet the requirements and demands of your dry well pumping station. We have sewerage dry mounted pumps to meet all of our client’s requirements, from small to large scale applications. We also design, supply and install all pipework, valves and controls required


Sewerage Dry Mounted Pumps

Sewerage Dry Mounted Pumps From Pumpworks

Pumpworks supplies only the very best in heavy duty and quality built pumps from leading manufacturers. Our engineers recognise and appreciate the years of development and research that have been invested in these products and see firsthand the reliability they offer our clients.

The leading pump manufactures offer the best pump hydraulic designs with impellers & wear plates capable of pumping raw sewerage with solids and rags without blocking.

Each dry installed sewerage pump, associated controls, pipework and tank are specially selected and designed with a cooling jacket for your pumping requirements by our engineers.
The oil for our sewerage dry mounted pump cooling jackets is specially selected to ensure reduced risk of contamination in the event of leakages into the wastewater.

In order to make an accurate and most efficient pump selection, the process involves carrying out a pressure tapping reading and completing the hydraulic calculations for the pump system.

Mechanical and Electrical installations

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