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Pump Engineering Services

Routine Maintenance Service Of Water & Wastewater Pumps

To ensure the continued competency of water and wastewater pumps it’s important to have these machines regularly maintained, Pumpworks offers a cost-effective maintenance, repair and part replacement service.


Breakdown Service Call-Outs To Pump Systems

Have you identified an issue with your water pump or water pump? Contact Pumpworks today. We offer an efficient call-out and repair service. Using the latest equipment we can quickly identify faults and carry-out the appropriate remedial action to keep pump downtime to an absolute minimum.


Pump Station Refurbishment Installation

 From the installation of new pump station pumps to offering complete pump station refurbishments, our experts ensure that your water pump or wastewater pump is operating as efficiently as possible. We can upgrade out of date pumps with more energy-efficient alternatives. Schedule a consultation with Pumpworks today.


Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Interested in a professionally installed rainwater system? Pumpworks’s offer competitively priced rainwater harvesting system installation and supply to clients nationwide. To discuss the advantages of rainwater harvesting, get in contact with Pumpworks today.


Pump Control Panels & Instrumentation

We offer a range of pump control panel and instrumentation upgrades and installations. Our range of modern pump control panel allows for greater control of the pump system and increased energy efficiency.


Engineering Survey Reports

Our engineers offer complete survey reports. Our reports access every aspect of a pump and the surrounding pump house structure to offer an in-depth report that outlines any remedial action to repair identified issues.


Confined Space Entry Mechanical Works

Using the latest equipment we can complete engineering works, including repairs and essential maintenance in confined or hard to access areas.


Sludge Vacuum Tanker Service for Septic & Sewerage Tank Cleaning out

Our fast, efficient and cost-effective Sludge Vacuum Tanker Service is perfect for cleaning out large septic and sewage tanks. This is a clean and fast service that causes the absolute minimum amount of disruption.

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